Tyson Fury has labelled new IBF world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua a "pumped-up weightlifter", saying the Londoner will be an easy pay day once Fury defends his own titles against Wladimir Klitschko in July. Fury will face Klitschko in a rematch in Manchester on 9 July after defeating the long-reigning Ukrainian in Germany in November to win the WBA and WBO belts. Fury said the result will be the same if Klitschko does not use new tactics.

"Well if he don't he's on for another hiding isn't he? He's got to come and fight or he is not going to do anything," Fury said. "He couldn't beat me on his first A-game so he is not going to beat me second time around."

Olympic champion Joshua won the IBF belt – which Fury was forced to vacate – when he crushed American Charles Martin in only his 16th professional fight last week – fuelling talk of a unification fight between himself and Fury.

Joshua has said he will "walk through" Fury but the self-styled 'Gypsy King' launched a counter-attack on the young upstart at a news conference for his cousin Hughie Fury's forthcoming WBO intercontinental heavyweight title fight with Fred Kassi.

"I thought he looked like a pumped-up weightlifter out of his mind on drugs," Fury, 27, told reporters. "He fought an American who had come to lay down with about as much fight in him as that glass of water there, zero."

"I am the real champion. The gypsy king," Fury continued. "If they can't beat me then they are not world champions. Listen, without me there would not even have been a world champion. Joshua or his friend, his play-partner, wouldn't have been champions, because he wouldn't have relieved Klitschko of the IBF title. It takes a real man to relieve a super champion of his belts, not some weightlifter and some bums who have come over here for a few more dollars so he can go home."