Uber says will ask appeals court for stay in driver class-action
Uber to request court of appeals for a stay on further proceedings in class action case by its drivers Reuters

Uber Technologies Inc has reportedly said that it plans to request the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to issue a stay on all future litigation proceedings, in a class action suit that has been filed by the company's drivers. The lawsuit was filed by Uber drivers over employment issues.

The drivers have demanded that they be given full employee status by Uber and their expenses be reimbursed by the company. The lawsuit also reportedly challenges Uber's policy of informing customers that since gratuity is included, there is no need for the customers to tip the drivers. Currently, it is believed that the drivers are paying for general expenses such as vehicle maintenance and gas from their own pockets.

Reuters reported that Uber announced its intention of asking for a hold on all legal proceedings from the court of appeals following US District Court Judge Edward Chen's ruling that denied the company's previous request for a complete stay on the case. The judge is also believed to have issued an order earlier this month allowing more Uber drivers to join in on the class action lawsuit.

Coincidentally the California Labor Commissioner had ruled in June of this year that a driver for Uber should be classified as an employee and not an independent contractor. However, Uber has appealed this ruling as well and a final decision is yet to be passed on this case as well.

Uber believes that Chen's order could lead to around 100,000 more of their drivers linking in to the class action suit. Uber reportedly expressed its concern over the possibility that the order of expansion issued by Judge Chen could also draw in even those drivers who had previously claimed to agree to settle their demands individually.

"The district court denied the stay and I am hopeful the Ninth Circuit will do the same," said Shannon Liss-Riordan, one of the lawyers for the Uber drivers is reported to have told Reuters.