Sun has a secret door
UFO hunter claims the Sun opens its secret door just enough to allow the mother ship to exit and enter NASA Helioviewer

The Sun has become the latest subject of interest for UFO enthusiasts who keep researching images released by Nasa to find some evidence to prove their theory that aliens and UFOs do exist in the outer space.

Recently, an UFO hunter claimed to have discovered a rare cosmic event in one of the images released by Nasa's Helioviewer (the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory), which revealed a "secret door" on the surface of the blazing star.

A YouTube video released by UFO hunter Watcher252 shows a bright straight line which appears like a deep cut on the surface of the Sun, which has a dark orange coloured hue over it. The distinct bright white light made the UFO theorist claims that this was a secret door to a world within the camouflaged star.

"A giant door opened up on the Sun this week, just a little bit, but enough to make a crack across the Sun and through the crack shined pure white light of the world inside," wrote Scott C Waring, notorious for his out-of-the-world theories about the existence of aliens and unidentified flying objects in the Moon, Mars and even the Sun. He also claimed that the secret door was opened to allow the spaceships to enter and exit the world. "It opened up just enough to allow mother ships to exit or enter."

Waring went on to speculate that if the Sun is hollow inside, there are chances that it is home to a large living entity, which is camouflaged by the massive flames outside just to keep its identity a secret. "How many millions of years does an alien species have to exist to be able to create an artificial Sun?" he speculates.

Though it sounds unscientific, many people tend to believe in Waring's mother ship theory, while others take it as just another conspiracy theory.

"If is true were in trouble," a fan wrote in the comments section of Waring's blog. While another person rubbished the "world inside Sun" theory and offered scientific explanations for the bright straight line: "Since the Sun is a sphere, there would no right angles due to the viewpoint. Second, since it's only one frame in a digital data sequence, the chances of pixelation is extremely large (time lapse photography) when images are stitched together to show movement. The brightness is consistent with that of a solar flare and finally, there's no visible door knob. You blokes need to get outside a bit more."

This is not the first time UFO theorists are coming up with bizarre claim related to the Sun. Earlier, they suggested that aliens are controlling the Sun's temperature while UFOs are flying around the blazing star.