Kang and Kodos: Aliens in The Simpsons
Kang and Kodos: Aliens in The Simpsons

Footage showing a UFO flying into a volcano has been dismissed as less extraterrestrial than the notion little green men are using the crater as an underground base.

Video of an illuminated moving object vanishing into Popocatepetl in Mexico has been doing the rounds on the web and even made it on to regional TV news.

It is the latest in a string of films which together suggest Popocatepetl is on the sat-nav of every alien craft in the cosmos.

So IBTimes UK called in the experts from Bufora (the British UFO Research Association) to analyse the footage closely and find out if the volcano really was being used as a secret parking lot for spaceships.

In the video below, a white light drops from the sky and seems to vanish into the smoking crater of Popocatepetl.

But the reality is likely to be more prosaic, thinks Ufologist Mark Easen. The analyss reckons it is a humble helicopter.

After analysing the video, the most likely explanation is that it was shot on a time-lapse camera - which accounts for the high speed of the approach.

The "flight-path" provides a full perspective of the volcano's mouth and combined with other analysis, the UFO mystery has started to unravel.

Easen said: "When the film 'resets' at the beginning of each of it three loops, the bright stars visible in the sky behind and above the volcano can be seen to 'jump' also.

"If you concentrate on these stars they can even be seen to be moving very slightly whilst the film is playing.

"This would appear to indicate that the film was not shot in real time but instead in time-lapse mode. What would have been a too fast flight speed for it under 'real time' becomes perfectly realistic if the video was taken with time lapse photography. It would also not be unfeasible that the smoking volcano was being observed by helicopter for meteorological reasons or by other interested scientific parties.

"Viewed with this in mind the helicopter could be said to initially approach the volcano on the same side as we are viewing from, then descend close to the craters edge near to the rim before making a 90 degree sweeping turn clockwise around the relative safety of rim of the crater before disappearing from our view behind the volcano.

"This flight path would have afforded the maximum visibility of the crater's surface from a helicopter fly-over. I would say this is not a definitive identification but would certainly seem to be a possible explanation," he said.

Saying "Take me to your leader" to this vehicle's pilot is likely to lead to a very earthbound helipad.