The Court Battle Heats up Anew for Apple, Samsung but Why is the Korean Firm Smiling?
Apple would hate to see the new Galaxy SIII entering the U.S. market anytime soon but the maker of the smartphone, Samsung, vowed on Thursday that American consumers will surely enjoy its flagship mobile handset real soon. REUTERS

Users who possess iPhones are more likely to utilise their Wi-Fi connection when compared to Android owners. According to comScore, iPhones have considerably higher rates of Wi-Fi usage than Android smartphones in the US and the UK.

As much as 71 per cent of all iPhones use both mobile and Wi-Fi networks to browse the web in the US while, only 32 per cent of Android Smartphones use both types of connections to link to the internet. The UK analysis shows that 87 per cent of iPhone owners use both mobile and Wi-Fi connection which is higher when compared to 57 per cent of Android Smartphones which use Wi-Fi network and mobile networks.

According to a comScore analysis, 69 per cent of total unique smartphones browsed the internet using both mobile and Wi-Fi networks in the UK while, the analysis shows only 38 per cent of the US unique smartphones browsed the internet via Wi-Fi and mobile connections. In the UK, Vodafone, Telefonica and Orange networks are more likely to make use of Wi-Fi when compared to T-Mobile and Three operators.

"In the UK, the shortage of unlimited data plans and higher incidence of smartphone pre-paid contracts with a pay-as-you-go data model possibly adds to data offloading among the users who want to economise their mobile usage," said Serge Matta, comScore's president of operator and mobile solutions.

"In addition, in the UK the existing lack of high-speed data networks could direct the users to seek out higher bandwidth capacity on Wi-Fi connections" said Serge Matta.