A Darlington-based school, Skerne Park Academy, has decided to raise its standards and in doing so has urged parents to dress appropriately and skip on the pyjamas when dropping off their children to school. The news surfaced after the school headteacher sent a letter to all the parents advising them of the new dress code.

"I have noticed there has been an increasing tendency for parents to escort children to and from school while still wearing their pyjamas and, on occasion, even slippers," wrote Kate Chisholm, headteacher at the school. "Could I please ask that when you are escorting your children, you take the time to dress appropriately in day wear that is suitable for the weather conditions."

According to reports, the headteacher acted on the new dress code after several parents were seen sporting night wear not only at school drop-off and pick-up but also during meetings and assemblies. "We are trying to raise standards and get better outcomes for the children and we noticed a lot of the parents are turning up to school as well as meetings and assemblies wearing pyjamas, if we're to raise standards it's not too much to ask parents to have a wash and get dressed," wrote Chisholm.

"I have had loads of support from the community and people saying it's about time something was done. I have had far more positive responses than negative. If I get the parents on board then we often get the children too and in order to get the best chances for the children we have to raise the bar with the parents."

According to another headteacher at North Ormesby, the dress code request is appropriate and shared by several other schools in east Middlesbrough, reported The Telegraph. Earlier in 2011, headteachers across 11 schools in Middlesbrough wrote to the parents requesting them to dress decently and appropriately when attending to their children at school.

Meanwhile, parents have showed support for the new dress code and agreed that it is all about setting the right example for the children. "It's absolutely ridiculous," said Terri Llewellyn-Quinn whose children are enrolled at the Pallister Park Primary School. "How long does it take to throw a pair of jeans on? I think you are asking for ridicule for your children if you can't be bothered getting dressed."