UK Prime Minister Theresa May will fly to the US next week to meet with President Donald Trump, the Republican said on Saturday (21 January).

A White House Official told the channel that May "will be at the White House this coming week to meet with President Trump".

During an interview with Sky News later, Trump said the visit will happen "very shortly", but did not give a time frame.

Downing Street are yet to confirm the trip.

If it goes ahead, it would likely be Trump's first meeting with a foreign leader since his inauguration.

Trump added May's visit to the US would happen "very shortly", amid rumours she will fly out to meet Trump this Thursday.

Following Trump's speech at the inauguration, May said in comments carried by The Daily Mail: "I congratulate President Trump on taking office today.

"From our conversations to date, I know we are both committed to advancing the special relationship between our two countries and working together for the prosperity and security of people on both sides of the Atlantic.

"I look forward to discussing these issues and more when we meet in Washington."

Despite the remarks from both politicians, it has yet to be confirmed when such a visit is to take place.

In an interview with the Financial Times, May suggested she was ready for a serious discussion with Trump, telling the paper she was "confident the USA will recognise the importance of the co-operation we have in Europe to ensure our collective defence and collective security".

She added: "I'm confident we can look at areas even in advance of being able to sign a formal trade deal.

"Perhaps we could look at barriers to trade at the moment and remove some of those barriers to open up that new trading relationship."

Whitehall sources have told the Guardian the visit could take place this Friday (27 January). If the visit takes place then, May would be the first European leader to meet the new president.

During their time as prime minister, both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were able to boast being the first leader to meet the new president of the US.