A female driver from Hampton Court in southwest London is being investigated for eating from a bowl of cereal while driving.

The driver was caught by cycling instructor David Williams, 47 who filmed the woman in action and posted the video on YouTube.

"It is disturbing that people think driving while eating a bowl of cereal is acceptable," said Williams.

"She was coming up to a junction - it is incredible a person in such a large vehicle can consider that is a good way of conducting themselves on a road."

The video where the woman can be seen eating behind the wheel of a red Land Rover Discovery was filmed using Williams' helmet camera, reported BBC News.

Williams can be seen pulling close to the driver in the video and saying: "Put that down. You're on camera, you're going to the police.

"I've got your number. Absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. You're a bloody danger."

On his YouTube channel, Williams posted the video with a comment saying: "I've seen some astonishing things in my life on a bike but this is the most remarkable. She shamelessly refuses to put the bowl down after I challenge her!"

Surrey Police are now investigating the incident to determine if it was indeed a crime.

"Enquiries are ongoing and we are in the process of obtaining the footage online so that further enquiries can be carried out to establish whether any offences have been committed," read a statement by Surrey Police.

According to the Code for Crown Prosecutors: "The offence of driving without due care and attention (careless driving) under section 3 of the RTA 1988 is committed when the defendants driving falls below the standard expected of a competent and careful driver."

Dangerous driving is characterised as: "Driving whilst avoidably and dangerously distracted such as whilst reading a newspaper/map, talking to and looking at a passenger, selecting and lighting a cigarette or by adjusting the controls of electronic equipment such as a radio, hands-free mobile phone or satellite navigation equipment."

In 2005, a woman was fined £60 in 2005 for holding an apple in her left hand and driving with her right hand in Northumbria after the magistrate ruled that she was not in proper control of her car while negotiating a left hand turn.

Sarah McCaffery was also ordered to pay £100 in costs.