Fireworks London
Fireworks displays will light up the London skyline on Guy Fawkes night Reuters

Although November started well with the warmest November day on record, Bonfire Night could be a washout.

Forecasters have predicted widespread rainfall and heavy winds on 5 November, with heavy rain in some parts and cloud cover across the country.

Temperatures remain relatively mild for early November, with predictions of 10C to 13C in the evening for most of the country. The southeast will see warmer temperatures of 14C to 15C, but strong winds could make it feel colder than it actually is.

Despite the relatively mild weather, forecasts of rain could damped your evening plans altogether.

A spokesperson for the Weather Network said: "If you're going to a fireworks display for Bonfire Night or you're having a display in the back garden, you'll want to keep a waterproof handy and an umbrella."

Forecasters have predicted outbreaks of rain across England and Scotland, with cloud cover and light drizzle for Wales. The northern tip of Scotland could be the only region spared, with mostly dry conditions expected.

Despite the gloomy conditions on Guy Fawkes Night, things are expected to become brighter as we head into the weekend. While scattered showers will continue for northern regions on 6 November, with drizzly conditions for the south, 7 November will see dry and clear conditions across the country.

The Met Office has noted that Bonfire Night celebrations could have an effect on the weather for the following day, which remains dependent on wind strength.

A Met Office spokesperson said: "Fresh winds will help clear the smoke particles and improve the visibility. However, calmer conditions with lighter winds means there is a greater chance of smoke remaining in the air, which can also help mist or fog develop."

The warning comes days after much of the UK was covered in thick fog that cancelled hundreds of flights and caused widespread travel disruption. Many took to Twitter earlier in the week to post pictures of the scenes, with the hashtag #foggy trending in the UK on 2 November.