UK snow in the Midlands
Northern England and the Midlands could see some snow this weekend. Getty

Forecasters are warning that snow is expected to fall across parts of England on 12 December, with the possibility of it settling in some places. Severe weather warnings for snow have been issued for the north of England, as well as the Midlands.

While forecasters remain unsure as to how much snow is going to fall across these regions, it is estimated that 5-10cm could settle on higher grounds. In parts of England that don't receive snowfall, between 20mm and 40mm of rainfall is expected.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: "There is the potential for the rain to turn to snow and accumulate – most likely, but not exclusively, on high ground. While this would reduce the risk of flooding, it may lead to some travel disruption, especially where flooded roads have been closed and more minor routes are in greater use."

Forecasters have warned that further rainfall could lead to flooding due to the already saturated ground caused by extensive rainfall during Storm Desmond last weekend. Rain warnings have been issued for Wales, north England and the Midlands.

This weekend will also bring a strong north-south weather divide as temperatures plummet to -10C in the north, while the south sees temperatures as high as 10C. On 13 November rainfall is expected to move further north, with milder and drier conditions returning for many.

A spokesperson for the Weather Channel said: "Heavy rain for central parts of the UK, not great news for those affected by Storm Desmond, also fresh south-westerly winds."

Storm Desmond wreaked havoc across Cumbria and Lancashire in the first week of December, with thousands being forced to evacuate their homes due to extensive flooding. Many were also left without electricity for days and schools and hospitals were forced to shut down due to power cuts and loss of utilities such as water.