Russian separatists in Ukraine's restive Donbass region have gagged a wounded man and tied him to a poll in an attempt to humiliate their opponents, according to reports on social media.

A group of separatists allegedly seized the man, who had been injured fighting their insurgency, and tied him up at a crossroads in the town of Zugres-2, part of the Donetsk region.

The man was reportedly tied up at around 8am local time on the morning of 7 October. The separatists tied a Ukrainian flag and s a final humiliation, the man was forced to wear a sign with the words "Volunteer of the punitive battalion 'Donbass'".

News of the attack was broadcast on social media pages published by the separatists. One of the attackers was quoted as saying "we took him at home, when he had arrived for the weekend to take a rest and treat his leg [which was] injured during the battles near Ilovaisk."

A video which appears to show the man tied to the post can be viewed here.

The incident followed a similar humiliation recently, when gunmen from the 'Vostok' ('East') tied a woman to a poll near a military checkpoint after accusing her of spying.

Separatists wrapped the woman, who according to eye-witnesses looked to be around 40 years old, in the Ukrainian flag, with smaller flags attached to her head and a sign which read "she kills our children." They then held her at gunpoint for several hours.

The woman was reportedly in horror, yet despite her obvious distress several passers-by stopped to kick, punch and spit at her, and even pelt her with tomatoes.