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The conference was inaugurated by Lord Faulkner of Worcester, the UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Taiwan and Yi-Ling CHEN. Trey Musk/Pexels

The 18th UK–Taiwan Renewable Energy Conference, held today, underscored the unwavering commitment of the United Kingdom and Taiwan to achieve their respective net-zero targets by 2050.

This landmark conference brought together more than 150 participants, including influential delegates and industry experts, to explore collaboration opportunities in the realm of renewable energy development.

The event delved into crucial topics such as floating wind technology, operations and maintenance (O&M) for offshore wind farms and emerging technologies including low carbon hydrogen, carbon capture and storage and smart grid innovations.

Lord Faulkner of Worcester, the UK Prime Minister's Trade Envoy to Taiwan, and Yi-Ling CHEN, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for Taiwan, jointly inaugurated the conference, emphasising the significance of international partnerships in overcoming energy transition challenges.

One of the notable highlights of the conference was the announcement of a groundbreaking partnership between UK grid technology company Reactive Technologies and Taiwan Power Company. This collaboration celebrates the deployment of Reactive Technology's GridMetrix® platform, a cutting-edge grid stability measurement service software.

The GridMetrix® platform offers real-time insights into the stability of a power system, equipping grid operators like Taiwan Power with the tools to save significant costs and manage risks more effectively. This partnership is poised to empower Taiwan Power with the ability to measure, visualise, forecast and control inertia across its network, facilitating critical system stability data and insights as the network undergoes a transformative shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Lord Faulkner of Worcester, the UK Trade Envoy to Taiwan, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. He stated that the UK is committed to collaborating with international partners like Taiwan to overcome the challenges in energy transition, particularly those faced by the offshore wind industry. This collaboration aims to ensure that both nations collectively achieve their shared sustainability and net-zero goals.

Lord Faulkner highlighted the partnership between the UK's Reactive Technologies and Taiwan Power Company as a shining example of UK-Taiwan cooperation. He emphasised that this development will play a crucial role in supporting the stability and resilience of Taiwan's power grid during its transition to cleaner energy sources.

Yi-Ling CHEN, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, also affirmed the longstanding cooperation between Taiwan and the UK, spanning 17 years. Both nations have identified offshore wind as a key area for collaboration, encompassing various facets from planning and investigation to construction and operation.

Moreover, the development of other emerging renewable energy technologies such as floating wind, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage holds immense significance. Yi-Ling CHEN acknowledged the valuable information shared by the UK during previous conferences, highlighting the importance of this knowledge exchange.

Umair Choudhry, APAC Regional Energy Lead at the Department for Business and Trade and the UK Chair of the 18th UK-Taiwan Renewable Energy Conference, emphasised the strengthening partnership between the UK and Taiwan, especially in offshore wind. He said: "This conference has highlighted the strong and growing partnership between the UK and Taiwan in the renewable energy sector, especially in offshore wind. The UK has a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources that can support Taiwan in developing its offshore wind industry."

He added: "Let us build a strong and lasting partnership between the UK and Taiwan – one that places sustainability at the forefront of our vision for the future."

Taiwan, the UK's most crucial offshore wind partner in the Asia Pacific Region, has attracted more than 40 UK offshore wind companies that have established operations in the country. These offices often serve as regional Asia-Pacific hubs, emphasising Taiwan's pivotal role in advancing offshore wind technologies.

The UK-Taiwan renewable energy conference is held annually and co-hosted by the British Office Taipei and the Bureau of Energy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Furthermore, Reactive Technologies is a grid resilience technology company that assists grid operators, electric utilities and regulators in transitioning to net zero and ensuring resilient renewables-based power grids.

The UK and Taiwan have cemented their partnership through various regular bilateral dialogues, which include annual forums on renewable energy, railways, smart cities and agriculture. In 2022, the UK's exports of goods to Taiwan witnessed an impressive 18.2 per cent increase compared to 2021, showcasing the robust nature of their trade relationship.

The total trade in goods and services between the UK and Taiwan reached a noteworthy £8.6 billion in 2022, underscoring the significant economic ties between these two nations.