Uncharted 4 screenshot PS4
Nathan Drake leaping into the Sony press conference car chase demo. Sony

Naughty Dog has revealed the single player story of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will be 1080p and locked at 30 frames per second, while the multiplayer portion will be targeting 60fps. Co-lead designer Anthony Newman was also on hand to explain why.

Newman did so on a live stream shortly before Naughty Dog revealed the extended version of the game's E3 demo, which was shown behind closed doors at the Los Angeles trade show in June.

"We had a really long, involved conversation about it with all the leads and directors," he said, via GameSpot. "We just realised that, for the game we wanted to make, to make the best game possible, [30fps] was just something that we had to do."

"If we wanted to hit a locked 60fps, there's a lot of optimisations in the environments that would have to happen. This would make each level take longer to make. The same amount of geometry would take longer to make because it would have to be so heavily optimised. And so that could end up having story repercussions.

"'We want to have this scene, but we don't have the time to make the environment.' It's a feature, like any other, and you have to consider it against everything else."

He also revealed the multiplayer portion will be targeting a more fluid 60fps but made no guarantees. Photo Mode – which Naughty Dog introduced in The Last Of Us: Remastered on PS4, will also make its return in Uncharted 4. Nathan Drake's final adventure will be released in early 2016.

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