Nintendo has announced that a new game mode will be added to their online shooter Splatoon in the early hours of Thursday 2 July in Europe and at 7PM PT / 10PM EST in North America. It's called Tower Control and will be made available to play in the Ranked Battles.

In Tower Control players fight for control of a small tower (shocker!) which when coated with a team's colour of ink and occupied by a player from that side will move slowly toward their spawn point.

If it completes that journey then that team wins, if no team manages to get the tower back then whichever team's spawn point it is closest to will win the match.

Nintendo will be showing off the new mode in a live stream broadcast at 11pm BST, 6PM EST and 3PM PT.

Tower Control is the third mode to be added to the game. It arrives in addition to the standard Turf War in regular play – in which players compete to coat as much of a level's surface area as possible – and Splat Zones - which sees teams fighting to control a particular portion or portions of a map.

Since its release in late May, Nintendo have been regularly updating their inventive Wii U shooter with free updates introducing weapons, gear and – to date – three new maps.

Further updates are expected in the coming months ahead of a major update in August which will add four-person online teams to the standard Turf War game mode, custom battles which can take place on any map with any rules and new weapons and gear.

Splatoon has been a big success for Nintendo, receiving great reviews and selling strongly for a Wii U title. Nintendo recently celebrated 1 million sales worldwide less than a month after the game's launch.

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