BT Global Services has announced a €173 million four year deal with Unilever to improve their infrastructure - including comms, supply chain and wireless technology.

The deal was announced after Unilever originally began working with BT in November 2002 in a deal worth 1 billion, that was - at the time - the first ever comprehensive global telecommunications outsourcing that BT took on and the largest of its kind in UK corporate history.

However, despite being able to generate over £8.8 billion in sales, BT Global Services still remains a 'sore point' for the telephone company with over £2.1 billion losses in 2009 whilst management has been changed from Hanif Lanini to Jeff Kelly in the space of fifteen months.

"Our primary goal is to be a world class partner to them and help and support them achieve their ambitious transformation and growth plans in the coming years. Our aim is to deliver outstanding customer service and provide innovative propositions that will help Unilever's business improve efficiency, drive out costs and deliver market leading brands to their customers and consumers." said Jeff Kelly, CEO of BT Global.

"Unilever products touch the lives of over two billion people every day and our ambition is to double our business whilst reducing environmental impact. BT is a trusted partner whose high quality and robust services can help us realise that ambition." said Pascal Visée, Chief Enterprise Support Officer at Unilever.

Shares in BT fell by 2.5p despite the news.