iPhone 6
Unlocked iPhone 6 Plus Sells for Over $2,500 on eBay, Craigslist Offers Line Sitters for $20/Hour Apple

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus has gone out of stock in the US, following unprecedented demand for the 5.5in flagship phone as operators in the black market have put up a staggering price for pre-ordering the handset, ahead of its expected launch in a week's time while shipping dates are already delayed by three to four weeks.

The internet is already abuzz with news of the unlocked iPhone 6 Plus (128GB) selling for $2,500 on eBay, while Craigslist has put up an advert offering line sitters at the rate of $20 per hour for the iPhone 6 launch day.

With Apple reportedly restricting the retail purchase to just two iPhones per customer to stem the tide of reselling, potential iPhone 6 customers are in a quandary as they look to pre-order their most-desirable smartphone amid the ensuing chaos.

If you thought Apple has overpriced the Unlocked (SIM-free) iPhone 6 Plus at $949 for the 128GB version, then you will be shocked to know that the black market price is more than double or triple the retail price, unless you have the time and patience to place your winning bid and secure the handset at the lowest possible price.

eBay has been offering the unlocked iPhone 6 (128GB) at a lower bidding price for longtime members as opposed to the direct pre-order price. For instance, you could start your bidding for as low as $499 for a specified period until the timer runs out.

How to Win iPhone 6 Facebook Campaign

Meanwhile, the Win iPhone 6 campaign is making waves on the Facebook page which reportedly enables you to win the coveted smartphone by following three simple steps: Like the Facebook fanpage, Share the Fanpage and then download or play a mini-game.

It is not yet clear if this is some kind of joke or a gimmick by some pranksters. Nevertheless, you could give it a shot and see if it really works.

You can find the complete details of the offer here: http://www.win-iphone6.com/steps.html