The month of September was filled with AAA video game releases as well as the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite following the upgraded version of the original. Highly anticipated titles such as "Borderlands 3," "NBA 2K20," "Gears 5" and "Code Vein" are leading the charge. Then there is a major expansion in the form of "Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" for fans of the franchise. However, despite the stellar lineup, what stood out the most was an Indie title called "Untitled Goose Game."

Developed by House House, a modest game studio based in Melbourne, Australia, the $20 title is quickly becoming a cult hit among gamers and celebrities alike. Gaming critics are reportedly singing praises about its quirky and addictive simplicity. This Indie title is published by Panic and is available for the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. It was difficult to figure out what the game was all about from the initial trailers, but gamers declare it as a stealth puzzle game.

It's a lovely morning in the village and you are a horrible goose.

Untitled Goose Game is out today.

— House House (@house_house_) September 19, 2019

As Business Insider describes it, personal endorsements from celebrities such as Blink-182's Mark Hoppus and Chrissy Teigen are adding to its publicity. It was likewise noted that a sharp rise of goose-related memes, fan art and more are indicators of its popularity. Social media platforms are now blowing up with gamers posting positive feedback and doing the advertising for the company. It seems safe to call "Untitled Goose Game" a viral hit from the moment it launched on September 20.

welp as a contrarian, I wanted to hate goose game but I LOVE IT

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) September 29, 2019

To briefly illustrate the plot, gamers take the role of a cheeky farm animal with the goal of completing simple puzzles, while harassing people along the way. So, given the scenario, it appears that players are the antagonists in the story. Nevertheless, the simple gameplay mechanics, colourful visuals, and playful presentation are its biggest selling points.

🔔 What a wild week. Thank you all so much for playing and appreciating our goose, seriously. Not played it yet? It's 25% off until the end of this week…

— Panic (@panic) September 30, 2019

For one, the game does not impose a timer to force the user to complete any mission. The puzzle elements come in the form of using the goose's limited actions in any way possible to get the desired result. As it stands right now, gamers recommend the Nintendo Switch version, which makes it possible to play "Untitled Goose Game" anywhere and anytime.

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