Mario Huerta
A tip-off led to the recapture of Heurta after 24 years on the run US Marshals

After more than 24 years on the run, a fugitive who escaped from prison in the US has been caught by authorities.

Mario Huerta was 26 when he fled from La Tuna Federal Prison in Texas in November 1993.

He was just six months into a 10-year prison sentence in Texas for the possession of cocaine.

But he managed to flee and crossed the southern border into Mexico, seemingly lost forever.

However, a tip-off sent to the US Marshal's Service eventually led to his arrest.

He was deported from Mexico to the San Ysidro Port of Entry near San Diego before being taken back into custody,

The 24 years on the run will see him face additional charges on top of the original 10-year sentence.

Steve Jurman, commander of the San Diego Fugitive Task Force, said: "The US Marshals take pride in never giving up on a fugitive investigation, no matter how old.

"I hope that other fugitives take note, and sleep a little lighter tonight."

The San Diego Fugitive Task Force dedicate their time in tracking down those who have escaped from prison and are on the run from the law.

The task force is formed of 16 federal, state and local agencies.