Prison officials in Ohio use pepper spray to disperse prisoners from fighting over drone drugs delivery. Getty

Inmates at a US prison fought over drugs when a drone flew them over a prison yard.

Prison officers took to using pepper sprays and sought assistance to put an end to the fight.

A package containing nearly a quarter of an ounce of heroin, two ounces of marijuana and over five ounces of tobacco was dropped via a drone at the Mansfield Correctional Institution in Ohio on 29 July.

Nearly 200 inmates were later strip-searched and made to pass through a cell sensor to ensure no drugs were leaked into the facility, reported NBC News.

The nine people predominately involved in the brawl were placed in solitary confinement.

While some 100 inmates were reportedly present in the prison yard at the time of the fight, none of the prison staff or inmates were hurt.

Following the incident, JoEllen Smith, a spokeman for the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction said it is fairly common for drones to breach security at the facility, but steps are being taken to ensure better drone detection, reported the Mansfield News Journal.

An investigation revealed the drone delivery was intended for an inmate in the correctional facility's north recreation yard.

Earlier, reports emerged that helicopter drones were reportedly dropping drugs to prisoners in Canada.