A man who was stopped by police for not wearing a seatbelt while driving managed to charm his way out of a ticket by singing. TJ Bristol, a gospel singer in his local church and chaplain of Orange County Jail, was stopped by police in California.

Capturing the entire incident with a camera on a selfie stick while getting out of the car, Bristol said: "The craziest thing just happened to me - I'm being pulled over by police officers. I'm gonna pray my way out of this one."

He initially engaged two female officers, Corporal Ricks and Deputy Hoagland, in polite conversation, according to a Sky News report. When they asked what he does for a living, Bristol explained that he sings at his local church. After promising them that he will wear his seatbelt in future, Ricks asked Bristol to sing a song for them.

He happily obliged, serenading them with Joe Cocker's classic You Are So Beautiful, before telling them: "You all stay safe out there." Turning back to the camera, showing he had heeded their message, he said: "Buckle up, y'all".

Writing on their Facebook page, the Orange County Police described the incident as "heartwarming".