Freddie Gray died
Freddie Gray died when he suffered a spinal injury after being arrested by Baltimore police. Family of Freddie Gray

The newly public statements by the six officers charged in the murder of Freddie Gray revealed that at least one officer warned Gray needed medical help during transport through West Baltimore. According to investigators, that officer, along with others, however wondered if Gray was faking his injuries or just being uncooperative.

The Baltimore Sun, which obtained the report by investigators exclusively, explained the statements clarified why a judge has ordered separate trials for all the officers charged in the incident. The statements provided by the six officers reveal different account of the day's events, the Sun reported.

Officer William Porter claimed that Gray requested medical help as he was being transported to jail. "Help me. Help me up," Gray reportedly said. Porter told police investigators that he helped Gray up and asked, "Do you need a medic or something? Do you need to go to the hospital?"

Gray answered affirmatively, leading Porter to tell the van's driver, Officer Caesar Goodson Jr, that Central Booking would not process Gray because he was in medical distress, according to the Sun. However, Porter told investigators that he questioned whether Gray was actually in distress or just trying to convince officers to take him to the hospital instead of jail.

Baltimore Police officers
Six Baltimore Police officers were indicted in the death of Freddie Gray. Reuters

According to the Sun, the Police Department's investigation outlined the officers's statements and scrutinised Gray's arrest and transport before charges were filed against the six officers. While the Sun was not granted access to the actual statements by the officers, the police summaries revealed that some of the officers's statements conflict.

While prosecutors hope to use Porter as "a necessary and material witness in the case against" Goodson and Sargent Alicia White, defence attorneys for the officers have argued unsuccessfully that the statements made by the six should be suppressed.

Some of the officers have claimed that their statements were made under duress because they feared they would lose their jobs or because they believed they made the statements as witnesses rather than suspects, the Sun reported. However, prosecutors, who accuse the officers of improperly caring for Gray while he was in custody, have said that the statements were legally and properly obtained.

Gray's 19 April death after sustaining injuries during police custody sparked national protests against the police. The 25-year-old's family recently agreed to an agreement with the city of Baltimore for $6.4m to settle any civil claims.