The US Secret Service arrested a Texas man on Monday (6 November) for allegedly planning to kill "all white police" at the White House. Michael Arega of Dallas also wrote about wanting President Donald Trump dead in one of his recent Facebook posts.

Arega was reportedly unarmed when he was taken into custody on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue — the street that connects the White House and the US Capitol — near Lafayette Park.

The Secret Service said in a statement that the arrest was made after Montgomery County police in Maryland alerted them about the man "who reportedly travelled to Washington DC for the purpose of killing 'all white police' at the White House".

They received the alert at 2:55pm ET (7.55pm UK time) and tracked the man to his hotel based on entries on his Facebook page, which showed him checking in to the White House in the afternoon. He was spotted near the landmark building at around 4:05 p.m. ET and, according to the agency's statement, the man was "immediately detained by Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers and subsequently arrested without incident".

Arega was charged with making felony threats, the agency added. Public records on Arega did not show any criminal history in Texas.

Court records of his divorce showed he had filed for it in September, Dallas News reported.

Montgomery County police said that they were alerted about Arega's intentions by his former wife. Spokesman Captain Paul Starks said that the man's ex-wife was concerned about his mental and emotional health. She told them that he had stopped taking his prescribed medications and had discovered "troubling messages" on his Facebook page.

"Now [I] am going to ...[White] House make sure kill All white POLICE!!" read his post from Monday. Just five minutes before this post, he wrote, "Kill Him in JESUS NAME!!" referring to President Trump.

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