A British US TV host was shot dead by his son-in-law and ex lover, Mathew Hodgkinson at his home in Louisiana.

Scott Rogers, a presenter for WAFB-TV, was found in Iberville, Baton Rouge on Wednesday, said police.

Iberville Sheriff Brett Stassi told the BBC: "This looks to be a murder and attempted suicide. Scott was shot in his bed, under the covers, tucked neatly in.

"Rogers was found with a single gunshot wound to the head and Mathew was on the floor with a gunshot wound to the head.

"He was still alive but only because of the angle of the gun when it was shot, otherwise it would have gone straight through his brain and he would probably be dead.

"It looks like Mathew put the gun to his own head... he was seriously wounded but still alive.

"He's still in a critical condition in an induced coma."

The Sheriff said his deputy found a note next to the bed.

"We think Mathew wrote it and maybe even put it there after Scott was deceased," he said.

Hodgkinson, who was married to Mr Rogers' daughter Kimmy, joined Rogers in America to work as a producer on the Around Town Show aired by WAFB-TV.

Watch video of the Around Town TV Show with Host Scott Rogers

Witness statements suggested Mr Hodgkinson was both Mr Rogers' son-in-law and former lover and lived at the victim's home with him.

Reports have emerged since the shooting claiming that Rogers was responsible for a series of sex offences against boys, going back to his time in England before 2000.

Two British men have alleged that Rogers, a former Bury St Edmunds performing arts teacher sexually abused them as young boys, according to the Bury Free Press.

Both spoke out on a US radio show on Thursday morning after Rogers, was shot dead at his Louisiana home.

Speaking on the Jim Engster Radio Show, one of the victims said he was intimately involved with Rogers since he was 13 years old which "increased in frequency" until he was 18 and continued as an adult.

Another victim described him as a "monster".