India protests against rape
The US woman was raped when she was in India in early March. In this related picture, a number of Indians can be seen protesting against violence on women Reuters

A United States-based woman has accused five Indian men, including a guide, of raping her when she was in the country on a tourist visa. The woman alleged that the incident happened in a five-star hotel room at Delhi's Connaught Place.

According to reports, the local police have received the complaint from the woman through an email, in which she has mentioned that she came to the Indian capital city in early March and was lodging at a very affluent hotel, where she was assaulted.

She also mentioned that she would come to Delhi to record her statement once a First Information Report (FIR) was registered.

The officials said that the complaint, which the woman sent to the official account of the police commissioner, mentioned that she had hired the tourist guide from an agency recommended by the hotel. She said that initially everything was fine and the guide showed her the city. However, one day he came to her place with four of his friends to discuss a route plan, the Times of India reported.

After having few drinks the guide eventually forced himself on her. His friends also took turns to assault her, the complaint by the woman stated and added that soon after the accident she left for the US.

The woman has also written in her e-complaint that she had not discussed the incident with her family and had gone into depression. However, later she met her lawyer friend who gave her the idea of contacting a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) on India affairs. The members of the NGO suggested her to register a complaint through mail.

An inquiry has been launched after receiving the complaint, police sources said and added that some of the hotel employees – where the woman stayed – have been questioned. Authorities have also asked the tour agency, where the alleged rapist used to work, to provide the details.