In wake of the widespread use of pornographic substance across all ages and its evil effects on the society, the US state of Utah has declared pornography as a public health crisis. At a recent event, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed a resolution that declared pornography as "a public health hazard leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms".

While signing the bill at a ceremony in the state capital Salt Lake City, Herbert reportedly said: "The volume of pornography in our society is staggering. I want to protect our families and our young people."

The governor also signed a bill that makes it mandatory for computer technicians to report about the presence of child pornography if found while working on someone's computer. Failing to report will be seen as a serious offence, The Independent reported.

Further, the resolution calls on the state legislature to initiate a research on the impact of pornography on the society. It recommends authorities to invest in imparting sex education and to take adequate measures to prevent production and use of porn.

The Republican-led legislature in Utah has reportedly already passed the resolution with the support of the Utah Coalition Against Pornography, backed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

However, many see the move as a conservative approach of the state, with The Free Speech Coalition, an industry association representing adult entertainment producers, terming the declaration as an "old-fashioned morals bill" devoid of a scientific outlook.

"We should live in a society where sexuality is spoken about openly, and discussed in nuanced and educated ways, not stigmatized," Free Speech Coalition spokesman Mike Stable was quoted by the English daily as saying.

The supporters of the resolution, on the other hand, argued that the move will help in dealing with crimes like human trafficking and rape. The measure will also control pornography addiction among people, the anti-pornography campaigners reportedly said.