There are only a few hours to go before that most romantic day of the year begins... Feb. 14... Valentine's Day!

Every year, on this day, men and women in a romantic relationship with each other celebrate their love... their commitment to each other... and show that off to the world.

Here's a question though.

What if you don't have a valentine on the day? When the rest of the world is engrossed in giving each other flowers and greeting cards and soft toys, do you feel lonely and left out?

If you do... here are a few easy ways to fight off that loneliness and feel good about yourself...

1. Make a list of people who are close to you: Love does not necessarily have to be a romantic "valentine". Your family loves you and you love them too, right? You could have friends who love you dearly. So make a list of people who love you and thank them for being a part of your life.

2. Pamper yourself: If there is something you've always wanted to purchase but have been postponing, do it on Valentine's Day. Give yourself something you always wanted. Relish the purchase and feel like you deserve it completely.

3. Jot down the advantages of being single: If you thought being with someone was all rosy and fun... well, it isn't always so. There could be a hundred problems with being committed to a person. So write down all the things you enjoy while being single and that you may not get if you are in a relationship.

4. Have fun with yourself: Go out and have a blast. Get a few friends, watch a movie, eat out and have a party at your home in the night. Celebrate life!

5. Get a photo shoot done: Try it and the results might surprise you! Try out an outfit that suits you best and get those cameras clicking. Seeing yourself dazzle on film will give you a boost like nothing else can!