The Vampire Diaries Season 6 is currently focussing on Damon and Elena while Bonnie remains vulnerable at the Other Side.

Before leaving for Mystic Falls, the elder Salvatore brother was excited to have a sexy reunion with his toxic lover. But to his nightmare, Gilbert's daughter did not even recognise their romance.

If this was not enough to hurt his heart, he will see his only love turn up at the annual Whitmore Medical Center Fundraiser with Liam. This awkward situation turns Damon into a jealous and scary vampire.

His brother Stefan, on the other hand, is living a weird life as Mystic Falls still remains under the traveller's spell preventing vampires from entering it.

Meanwhile, Alaric has turned into a human and in the process has lost all his magic qualities that would reverse the spell he did with Elena to erase Delena's romance from her memory.

Obviously, this is not the homecoming Stefan's brother has ever imagined or planned and this might prompt him to think of the time travel much better than the life he is living now.

"He had all the hopes and dreams of reuniting with Elena and he comes back to realise the Traveller spell is still in effect, the love of his life has forgotten she ever loved him, Stefan is off living some other weird life — it's not the homecoming he was expecting," show producer Caroline Dries told TV Guide.

Now that Alaric cannot help the couple reuniting, all pressure is on Damon, who needs make the love of his life realise his worth.

Gilbert's daughter is thinking of her former lover as a serial killer who killed her brother and the Salvatore brother has a huge job of winning back her heart.

"She's going to experience a lot of expectations riding on the moment of Damon and Elena coming face-to-face once again. Can their love break through the compulsion? Will she look at him and fall back in love because it's him? Will she run for the hills?

"There are a lot of questions we're building to, so we're going to try to milk that moment and make it as big of a deal as we've been leading up to. It's a test [of] their relationship as a couple and it's a huge hurdle they'll have to overcome. Is it possible to start fresh? Or will she just remember him as the guy who killed her brother?" Dries told the website.

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 airs every Thursday on the CW network.