Vampire Diaries Season 7
Damon goes for a 60 years sleep to give company to Elena CW

The Vampire Diaries season 7 finale will not air on 11 March on CW network. The show has gone on a three-week hiatus and the season finale, titled Days Of Future Past, will air on 1 April. The last instalment of the supernatural series will reveal more about Damon's future along with his decision to go into a 60-year slumber only to wake up with Elena.

Show creator Julie Plec, has warned TVD fans of an emotionally charged finale. She tweeted: "Just finished the final punctuation marks on @Young_Brian's #TVD season 7 finale. It's joyful, tearful, suspenseful, and ends with a BANG."

In case you missed the previous episode, click here to watch it online on CW's official website.

Damon and Stefan were under immense stress throughout season 7, and it appears that their worries will not end, especially after vampire huntress Rayna's entered the show. She has the power of eight lives, which were bestowed upon by eight shamans who sacrificed their lives, for her to complete her revenge.

Damon, however, learnt about her secret spell and planned to kill her, but as usual his plans backfired when Bonnie informed him that with Rayna's death, every other person whom she marked with the Phoenix stone dagger will die.

The elder Salvatore brother was quick to act and saved Rayna, which ultimately brought Stefan back to life. Damon then goes into deep sleep as he could not live without the love of his life. Following this, the show took a three-years leap, where Rayna was seen asking Stefan to transfer his scar to Damon.

Just when Stefan was pondering on whether the vampire huntress was trying to create a rift between the brothers, Damon appeared and told him that it was his plan all along. In the season 7 finale, it will be interesting to see whether this is the end of the story for the elder Salvatore vampire or will his younger brother along with Bonnie be able to help him.

TO know how the season ends, watch The Vampire Diaries season 7 finale titled Days Of Future Past on 1 April on the CW network.