Vampire Diaries season 7
Damon taunts Bonnie to kill her in order to bring Elena back in The Vampire Diaries season 7 CW

The Vampire Diaries season 7 premiere will reveal the damage caused by Lily's heretic family who entered Mystic Falls with the help of Kai in the season 6 finale. It will also reveal the equation between Damon and Bonnie post Elena's deep slumber.

However, contrary to fans' expectation, the Bamon romance may remain a dream as the elder Salvatore brother will miss the love of his life so much that he will put the life of the Bennett witch in danger. According to a TV Guide report, Alaric and Damon will stay drunk most of the time during their European tour, chaperoned by Bonnie. But she will have a hard time dealing with the vampire who keeps taunting her about Elena's comatose state and even crack cruel jokes of killing her in order to wake up his true love.

But soon, she realises that their friendship is at stake after Damon almost lets Bonnie get hit by a car. Ian Somerhalder, meanwhile, revealed a bit more about the mental trauma of his character post the Gilbert daughter's deep sleep.

"Elena said, 'Go have fun and live your life,'" he told TV Line. "He waited for Katherine for 150 years and he sure as hell wasn't a saint in that time. Damon's a pretty sadistic guy, but he's also very logical — even if his logic is a little skewed sometimes. He's thinking that he's got 60 years to chill … so if he makes enemies and gets into fights and s–t's going down with these heretics, he's like, 'Yeah, let's get in there. Let's f–k it up!'"

Somerhalder also teases that his character will come face-to-face with death more than once in the upcoming season. "He comes near death a couple of times and has to start protecting people. So it really becomes about him protecting this box and fighting with his mom; he's really not happy with his madre at all," the TVD star added.

TVD season 7 premieres on 8 October on CW network. The synopsis reveals that apart from the Bamon friendship issues, Stefan and Caroline will have a tough time dealing with Lily and her family of heretics.