Damon will find emotional support in Bonnie in Vampire Diaries season 7. She will anchor him through his crisis situation, as Elena has gone into deep slumber. The synopsis of upcoming season released by CW suggests that Mystic Falls will go through a dramatic change after what transpired in the season 6 finale.

Titled Day One Of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give Or Take, episode 1 of the supernatural series will focus on the aftermath of Kai's disastrous entry at Alaric and Jo's wedding causing the latter's death and Elena's deep sleep. While the elder Salvatore brother finds it difficult to adjust with a life without his true love, his brother Stefan decides to fight back against the heretics who are flourishing under the grace of Lily.

The younger Salvatore brother will find the much needed support from Caroline who is eager to give tit-for-tat answers to the blood thirsty family of Lily. There is a negligible time jump in the show ahead, which will establish the plot and reveal how the heretics destroyed Mystic Falls and how Damon is taken to alcohol to forget his misery.

The synopsis of the upcoming season reads as follows:

"After a twisted plan left the life of his girlfriend Elena linked to that of his best friend Bonnie, Damon is forced to navigate his new reality without the love of his life. A newly empowered Bonnie has decided that she will be Damon's moral compass and keeps a close eye on him as he, in turn, cautiously keeps tabs on Alaric, following the loss of his fiancée Jo. Meanwhile, as he waits for Caroline to sort out her emotions, Stefan takes an active role in protecting the town from Lily and her family of Heretics, who have wasted no time wreaking havoc in Mystic Falls. Elsewhere, Enzo struggles to find his place in Lily's new life, and is quickly forced to decide where his true loyalties lie. Finally, with the stakes higher than ever, Matt, who has recently completed his deputy training program, teams up with Stefan and Caroline to put a stop to the Heretics, but an unexpected turn of events leaves one of them in a dangerous position."

The Vampire Diaries season 7 will premiere on The CW network on 8 October 2015.