Vampire Diaries season 7
Candice Accola's pregnancy has sparked new theories about Stefan and Caroline's baby CW

After Candice Accola's baby announcement, fans of The Vampire Diaries season 7 are expecting some major changes in the storyline, which include a Steroline baby. Many are also anticipating that the production house will feature the death of the popular character Caroline and her pregnancy may spell trouble for the series.

"Production has known about our exciting news and there's been a lot of support. They already knew where this season was going, and it's kind of the same as every other year," Accola told TVLine.

On 31 August, the 28-year-old actress, who married Joe King in 2014, has announced her baby news through an adorable Instagram post.

But her pregnancy news may spell trouble for the highly popular supernatural series as the show's lead actress Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) has already quit TVD after season 6. However, Accola believes that the show creators are the best people to predict the future of the show.

"We start the beginning of the season asking the writers a lot of questions about what's going to happen. then halfway through the season, it's completely different. ... Julie [Plec] and Caroline [Dries] are the best people to ask about [ how her pregnancy will be included in the show.] To be honest, I'm along for the ride just like the viewers are," she added.

The American actress and singer also shared some spoilers about Caroline's character in season 7 of TVD. "We're going to see Caroline get her bite back. We'll see her coming in as a badass, and sometimes she might act without thinking things totally through."

The finale of season 6 ended with Elena slipping into a deep slumber after Kai put a magic spell on her, linking her sleep with Bonnie's life. Lily, on the other hand, brought her 'heretic' family back to Mystic Falls, and they are now on a rampage.

The upcoming season will show how Damon deals with the unexpected changes. Lily, meanwhile, will try to create differences between the Salvatore brothers.

Stefan will play an important role as he understands Lily's plans and saves his elder brother. More will happen when The Vampire Diaries season 7 premieres on 8 October on the CW network.