The Vampire Diaries
Stefan and Caroline reunited in TVD season 7 finale but Bonnie lost her magic Facebook/CW

Vampire Diaries season 7 ended on a tragic note, with Damon Salvatore and Enzo getting trapped inside the Armory and later going on a killing spree. Season 8 will be about bringing humanity back in their soul and who can do that job better than Stefan?

However, this time, the task will be difficult as the key people who can help Stefan are not around him anymore, his brother has lost the last shred of humanity along with Enzo, while Bonnie has lost her magic and Elena is still in sleep mode.

Show creator Julie Plec has already hinted at working on the plot of the next season of TVD and according to her, the end is tragic. "Day 1: it took exactly 3.2 hours before the tears started to fall as we plotted the end of the season," she tweeted.

CW is yet to announce a premiere date for its popular supernatural show but anticipations are high about Bonnie's future and how she will deal with the frustrations as the people she loved the most are trapped in an evil world.

"Bonnie, out of everybody, is the one who's going to be just paralyzed by this struggle," Plec told TVLine. She also teased that the lack of magic will be another problem she will struggle with. "She has two men in her life — Damon, who's a platonic, but also deep, soulful best friend, and Enzo, who has really become her one true love — and she lost both of them in one fell swoop. In addition to that, she also lost her magic. She's starting at an absolute deficit in terms of being able to fix this problem. That's going to have a great impact on her."

The elder Salvatore brother and his friend's drastic transformation has prompted speculations about the entry of a new evil creature in the show but its identity is yet unknown. "What could it be that's been around for thousands of years? We didn't see it, but it has some creepy ass monster hands, and it has the ability to get inside your head and strip away everything good about you. There's a nice mystery taking us into next season about what exactly this creature is," Plec told the website.