Power season 3
After Kanan, Ghost has to deal with a new enemy, his once best friend Tommy. Starz

Power season 3 will premiere in July this year and the recently released trailer has set high expectations for fans. After the events of the last season, the drug dealer-turned-nightclub owner – James "Ghost" St. Patrick – decides to leave his dual life behind and live with Angela Valdes.

Starz has also released the synopsis for the upcoming season that speaks about Ghost, his once best friend Tommy and nemesis Kanan. In the season 2 finale, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's character was presumed dead after the building fire. But investigators subsequently revealed that someone had managed to escape the fire.

Check out the full synopsis:

In the season 3 finale, James decided to uncomplicated his life and returned to his first love Angela by confessing to her that "Ghost was dead". But his actions in the past may not let him lead a happy as life yet.

The theme of the season, according to showrunner Courtney Kemp is, "be careful what you wish for". Tommy is back in action and this time he is out with a vengeance as he learns that James sent Holly out of town and lied to him.

Hence, it seems like every prime character will embark on a mission to "kill Ghost", which could push the former drug lord to get back to business. But for him, it will be a choice between love – Angela – and hate – Tommy and Kanan.

Power season 3 will premiere on 17 July on Starz.