A vet who appeared in a disgusting video having sex with a horse and a dog has been banned from practicing in Britain.

Videos were discovered at the home of Oliver Fraser Lown in Ipswich, which showed him engaging in degrading sex acts with animals.

Searches of his laptop and mobile phone revealed the revolting content, which led last year to him admitting seven charges at Northallerton and Richmond Magistrates' Court in Yorkshire.

At a hearing this week, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) , upheld a charge of bestiality against him and struck the vet off the register.

Prof Noreen Burrows, chairing the committee, said: "The material found in possession of the respondent and his own conduct... involved the abuse of animals and a total lack of respect for their welfare.

"In the judgement of the committee, each of the charges individually amounts to disgraceful conduct and the charges certainly amount to disgraceful conduct when taken cumulatively."