fish forced smoke cigarette
The video sparked outrage with animal rights advocates condemning the act as "cruel" Live Leak - Youtube

A video showing a fish forced by presumed fishermen to smoke a cigarette has appalled animal rights advocates who have condemned the act as "cruel".

The 30-second long footage, uploaded on YouTube by Live Leak and viewed 35,000 times, prompted dozens of netizens to voice their dissent.

"This is just documentation of animal cruelty," a user commented on Live Leak website, where the video has also been posted.

"I am a fisherman myself but the disrespect here towards Mother Nature is just sad," another one said.

Another comment reads, "I always wish those animal molesters to feel the same things that animal felt."

However some people found the video "hilarious" with some making jokes about the fish getting lung cancer.

It is not clear when and by whom the video, uploaded on 3 August, was taken.