A video that has been circulating online shows Kate Middleton allegedly showing her dislike for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during a visit with students at Nower Hill High School in London last week.

The Duchess of Cambridge joined a science class lesson during the visit and at one point, sat down on a table with a group of students. The video, which was shared on Instagram via username xxposhslosh89, shows her animatedly explaining something to them.

Among the murmurs, someone from the group can be heard saying "Meghan and Harry." In response, Kate Middleton rolls her eyes then says, "What else?"

It is unclear who took the video but the same clip, taken from another angle also made it to Twitter. According to laineygossip, the royal did not just say "What else" but "What. Else."

It is said to be surprising that the video did not make headlines in other tabloid sites especially since it is publicly accessible. Whereas, when it comes to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they always make the news because their movements are constantly being monitored.

Netizens claim the video shows the ugly side of Kate Middleton that the media does not want to show of the future queen. It allegedly showed a hint of her exasperation or annoyance at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

"The Sussex's [sic] are like #princessdiana the blue print and haunting the hell out of #thebritishroyalfamily nothing moves without references to the blueprints #princeharry #meghanmarkle #katemiddleton and #princewilliam knows they can't reach the youth because the youth can't be fooled.... Look how distressed Kate became when the children mentioned," reads the caption that accompanied the clip.

One netizen commented, "This really shows her true nature and how she feels about them," and another wrote, "Showed her true colors. Not very regal. Reminiscent of the eye rolling in NYC while wrapping for charity!"

"Royals need to face they made a big mistake by alienating Prince Harry and Meghan," added another.

The content of the video aside, it was said that Kate Middleton was "a natural" during the visit. She showed interest in what the students had to say and made them feel at ease as they discussed about the importance of early childhood development on the brain.

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