Hawaiian authorities have released video footage of a stowaway teenager hopping from a plane in Maui after surviving a 2,300-mile flight hidden in the wheel well.

In the six minutes security recording 15-year-old Yahya Abdi is seen leaping from the Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767 as it is parked at a gate at Kahului Airport.

The teenager of Somali origins is seen sitting briefly on the ground then, seemingly disoriented, he slowly walks on the tarmac towards the front of the plane.

He chats for a few minutes with an airport worker driving a cart and finally the two away together.

Abdi had just survived a 5-and-a-half-hour flight from California exposed at freezing temperatures and low oxygen at 35,000 feet of altitude.

In April, he scaled a fence at San Jose International Airport, about 50 miles southeast of San Francisco and, unnoticed, climbed into the undercarriage of the plane.

Shortly after the aircraft took off he passed out and spent most of the flight unconscious. His survival was described as miraculous. Temperatures at cruise altitude reached 80F (-62C).