A mobile phone video showing a student of Penn Hills High School in Pennsylvania who suffers from cerebral palsy being kicked to the ground as other students laugh has caused outrage after it was shared online. In the video, Isaiah Wooding, 16, is shown falling to the ground after being suddenly kicked in the chest.

Isaiah said this is not the first time he had been bullied at the school. "I cried when I saw that," Margaret Wooding, Isaiah's mother, told WPXI. "How can kids be so cruel? I don't want this to happen, not just to my child but to anyone."

"I was kind of hurt and embarrassed," said Isaiah, "I had no idea that this was going on."

Penn Hills Superintendent Nancy Hines hit out at those involved. She said: "Assuming the video clips are authentic and have not been altered, our full staff and board are absolutely disgusted and embarrassed by the lack of compassion displayed by students closest to the incident and those who created further upset by recording and posting those terrible images online."

The debilitating disorder causes Isaiah to suffer from seizures, his mother said she was thankful the kick in the chest didn't trigger a medical emergency.