Teen house party
A house party in Edinburgh is believed to have been attended by 100 teenagers after word got out that the boy's father was away for the weekend. Getty

A house party in Edinburgh got out of control after nearly 100 teenagers gathered at the Dalkeith property on 29 January. It is believed that a 14-year-old boy hosted the party while his father was away for the weekend.

A police investigation has now been launched after the house was wrecked, Edinburgh News reported. A window was smashed, while the gate and shed were knocked down and a number of valuable items from the house were stolen.

A neighbour told the News: "What seems to have happened is it got out amongst the youngsters that his house was empty, and it just went viral."

The father of the boy said that he returned home to find the house "completely trashed" and confirmed that the police have now launched an investigation into the incident.

Police officers have allegedly said that they are investigating schools around Dalkeith, and Liberton High and staff at Liberton High School are believed to be cooperating with the investigation. Neighbours told local media that they had called the police after fearing that the house had been broken into, while reports have indicated that the father forced his son to accompany him as they made door-to-door apologies in the neighbourhood.

A Scotland Police spokesperson said: "We are investigating a report of malicious mischief and theft from a domestic property in Dalkeith, on the evening of Friday, 29 January. Our inquiries into this matter are ongoing and anyone with relevant information is asked to contact police."

The father of the boy said that he was "embarrassed and upset" at what had happened and that he believed his son was staying with his mother while he was away for the weekend.