Uber's CEO was given a one-star rating using his own ride-hailing app after getting into a heated exchange with the driver.

Travis Kalanick entered the Uber Black Car on Superbowl Sunday (5 February) with two female companions, before being dropped off in a San Francisco location.

But as he was getting ready to leave the car, 37-year-old Fawzi Kamel decided to take the opportunity to question Kalanick on Uber drivers' falling incomes.

Uber now charges passengers in San Francisco $3.75 (£3.03) per mile and $0.65 per minute compared to $4.90 per mile and $1.25 per minute in 2012.

Read Kalanick and Kamel's full exchange below:

Kalanick: "You're raising the standards, and you're dropping the prices."

Kalanick: "We're not dropping the prices on [Uber] Black."

Kamel: "But in general the whole price is–"

Kalanick: "We have to; we have competitors; otherwise, we'd go out of business."

Kamel: "Competitors? Man, you had the business model in your hands. You could have the prices you want, but you choose to buy everybody a ride."

Kalanick: "No, no no. You misunderstand me. We started high-end. We didn't go low-end because we wanted to. We went low-end because we had to because we'd be out of business."

Kamel: "What? Lyft? It's a piece of cake right there."

Kalanick: "It seems like a piece of cake because I've beaten them. But if I didn't do the things I did, we would have been beaten, I promise."

After discussing alternative business models, Kamel brings the conversation back to his losses.

Kamel: "But people are not trusting you anymore. Do you think people will buy cars anymore? ... I lost $97,000 because of you. I'm bankrupt because of you. Yes, yes, yes. You keep changing every day. You keep changing every day."

Kalanick: "Hold on a second, what have I changed about Black? What have I changed?"

Kamel: "You changed the whole business. You dropped the prices."

Kalanick: "On Black?"

Kamel: "Yes, you did."

Kalanick: "B******t."

Kamel: "We started with $20."

Kalanick: "B******t."

Kamel: "We started with $20. How much is the mile now, $2.75?"

Kalanick: "You know what?"

Kamel: "What?"

Kalanick: "Some people don't like to take responsibility for their own shit. They blame everything in their life on somebody else. Good luck!"

Kamel: "Good luck to you, but I know [you're not] going to go far."

Following the exchange, Kamel gave Kalanick a one-star rating and leaked the footage to Bloomberg. Uber have declined to comment on the contents of the video.