Vikings season 4
Rollo and Ragnar's fight ended on a rough note but no one died History Channel/Jonathan Hession

Vikings season 4 has gone on a hiatus and will not air its next episode on 28 April after airing the midseason finale last week. History Channel is yet to declare the midseason premiere date for the show that narrates the ups and downs in the lives of the mythological Norse heroes.

In the previous episode, fans witnessed one of the biggest fights between brothers Ragnar and Rollo Lothbrok. The bloody battle has changed the history of the Norsemen, and both Rollo and the King of Kattegat as Ragnar were not killed. The latter instead, fled with his remaining boats along with son Bjorn and an injured Lagertha.

Years after The Last Ship, Rollo got a resounding welcome by King Charles and his wife Gisla. On the other hand, Ragnar lost his reputation as a leader and Bjorn holds a grudge against his father for failing him at the Paris battle.

But the defeated king challenges his sons to kill him to be crowned the king of Kattegat. The awkward end to such a powerful character left fans on a bitter note, but the show's creator Micheal Hirst has hinted at the return of Ragnar to Kattegat.

"Ragnar's come back [is] for a purpose. He has to fulfill that purpose, and he does fulfill that purpose," Hirst told EW. "That's a big part of the narrative. The sons, it's slightly different. They have to consistently deal with the fallout of Ragnar leaving. When Ragnar left, there was a power vacuum. Who could fill that? In the medium term, Aslaug has stepped in, made herself the Queen. But these issues of power — who rules in Kattegat, what is the legacy — these are real issues."

In a separate interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the showcreator revealed that the Norse King's role was going to become interesting from the mid-season premiere. "You wait until you see the next season. Ragnar's story is nowhere near the end. Nowhere near the end, and it's just an amazing, onward story. It may be the story of the rise and fall of a hero — it still counts as a fall, I suppose — but some of my best work and Travis' work comes in the next half of the season. If you think you've seen stuff from Travis yet, you haven't."