Vikings season 5 is premiering on History Channel. The episode will air at 8 pm CT in the US on 29 November. The show fans in the UK will be able to stream the episode on 30 November through Amazon. Click here to watch the episode via live stream online.

The focus of the show will be Ivar the Boneless, the ruthless son of Ragnar Lothbrok and Aslaug. The former Earl of Kattegat is no more and he had chosen his paraplegic son as his successor before his death.

However, he is not the one to be taken lightly and actor Alex Hogh Andersen, who plays the titular character, vows by Ivar's future as an "anti-hero", just like his father. "He will always be an antihero, with emphasis on 'anti' rather than 'hero,'" Hogh Andersen told the Daily Herald.

In the season 4 finale, Ivar killed his own brother in a fit of rage by throwing an axe after Sigurd insults him. "You know, him killing his brother is just another step in the direction that tells him that it's OK to be as ruthless as he is. And I mean, he's on a mission," he added.

The Danish actor also teases that his character will become religious, especially to heal his physical disabilities. "He's very religious so the whole thing is about proving himself to the gods, really, and getting into Valhalla, and of course also every single day working on compensating for his disease."

Ragnar was a fan favourite but he was killed off in the fourth season. The Vikings Lord rose to fame as a great warrior but has also become the most hated person in his community after he fled the battlefield during the Paris war.

The show's creator Michael Hirst teases that the story will now move on from his sons' point of view. "Killing Ragnar was taking a chance. I was told that to kill off a major character might be problematic, but I didn't worry about it," Hirst told Variety. "The other sons all have some aspect of Ragnar in their characters, for good and bad. It's a bit like the Beatles: they were four individuals who were in some ways one. Season 5 is all about shifting allegiances and The Great Army falling apart and the brothers fighting against one another. This season we see them often at each other's throats."