Stuart Hall was a popular presenter on BBC TV and radio
Stuart Hall has had his prison sentence doubled for two sexual assaults

Former BBC star Stuart Hall has been jailed for an extra two years and six months for two counts of sexually assault on a girl.

Hall, 84, displayed "vile bravado and horrible betrayal" by grooming and molesting the 13-year-old, the judge told him at Preston Crown Court.

The ex-It's a Knockout' presenter assaulted the child at a dinner party by creeping in to her room and carrying out the attack. He did it with "a sense of arrogance and immunity," said Mr Justice Turner.

Hall had shown "a lack of candour or remorse," about the offences added the judge, which included "an element of grooming."

The former sports commentator and It's a Knockout' presenter was acquitted of 15 other charges of rape and sexual assault.

The sentence doubles Hall's time behind bars. He was already serving 30 months for a string of child sex crimes, after his original 15-month sentence was doubled by the Court of Appeal.