Paul Walker's death in 2013 raised serious questions about the future of the Fast and the Furious franchise as the actor left an irreplaceable void. But Vin Diesel made it possible to revive the series and now, Fate of the Furious is gearing up for its grand release in April, 2017.

While a section of critics say he is taking advantage of the posthumous fame of the late actor, Diesel believes the films are his heartfelt tribute to his brother, whom he lovingly called Pablo. The actor also reveals that it was Walker's motivation that prompted him to continue the action thriller saga of Dominic "Dom" Toretto and his gang.

"It wasn't just a question of whether this franchise could work without Paul. It was whether I could even survive doing it without Paul. I'd seen this video of Paul guaranteeing eight, while we were making seven. That hit me. You're talking about a bond and a brotherhood," he told Total Film Magazine.

The 49-year-old star was referring to an interview given by Walker to Collider in 2013, just days before his death, in which he promised an eight film even if Furious 7 flops.

Diesel believes that the inspiration from his late brother is what makes Fast 8 an amazing film. He said, "The pain wasn't about whether something would work. F**k the film. It was about the loss of someone very important in my life. Was there ever any moment I wasn't thinking about him? That's the question. Every day I'd be saying, 'This movie has to be amazing because of Paul.'"

Diesel has been vocal about how he misses Walker even after three years of the horrific accident that killed the actor and keeps sharing his pictures on social media.


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The upcoming F&F film is about family, love and sacrifice. Dom and Letty's world come crashing down when the former is seduced by a mysterious woman (Charlize Theron) to a world of crime and betrayal. In an attempt to save Dom, his family and friends will be travelling around the world and stop an evil plot.

The Fate of the Furious premieres in theatres on 14 April.