An armed moped gang face jail after causing a staggering £1m (€1.1m) in damage in a string of raids on mobile phone shops across London.

The seven-month spree saw the 10-man crew arrive on mopeds wearing helmets and dark clothing, smash their way into stores and ransack the stock.

They were armed with hammers, knives, portable angle grinders and even a battering ram, and would be in and out in just minutes

Security staff guarding three of the 17 shops targeted between May and November last year were beaten by the thugs, and one was threatened with a firearm.

The convictions represent a significant result for the Met Police, which has faced pressure in the wake of a rise in the number of moped-enabled crimes in the capital.

Ringleader Courtney White, 22, his right-hand man Mominur Rahman, 22, along with Mohammed Hussain, 24, and Chang Mabiala, 22, were convicted of conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary after a four-week trial at Blackfriars Crown Court on Thursday (23 November).

A fifth man, Mohammed Ali, 24, pleaded guilty to the same offence. They are all due to be sentenced at a later date.

Bobby Kennedy, 22, and Chris Costi, 19, were found guilty of conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary after a trial at the same court in August.

Three other members of the gang – Kennedy's brother Alfie Kennedy, 20, Dylan Castano-Lopez, 19, and Adam Atallah, 21 – all admitted their part in the conspiracy.

Police say they caught the bungling-but-dangerous thieves using GPS data from some of the phones and tablets they stole.

A crash helmet was also identified as containing the DNA of one of the defendants.

Furthermore, after one raid on a phone shop in Walthamstow on 14 October 2016, one of the suspects discarded a mobile phone while being pursued by police.

It was found to contain correspondence about the attacks, including text messages about weapons they planned to use.

Detective Superintendent Sean Yates, of the Met Police, said after Thursday's convictions: "These men are very dangerous criminals who have targeted a chain of mobile phone shops across central and east London.

"This case has led to dangerous individuals being taken off the streets; ultimately stopping them from committing more offences and causing serious injury to potential victims.

"We are pleased with the jury's verdict. We are committed to relentlessly pursue those violent criminals who blight the communities they live in."