boorman vid
TV presenter Charley Boorman posted a video showing the alleged theft on Twitter. Chaley Boorman / @charleyboorman / Twitter

A dramatic video that seemingly shows a have-a-go hero shoving an alleged thief off a motorbike in London has emerged online.

The incident, that took place in Kensington, west London, was shared online by TV presenter Charley Boorman on Wednesday (15 November).

It showed three men dressed in black riding mopeds and a motorbike before one of the riders is shoved from the bike to the floor.

Before being thrown the riders were seen waving to the camera despite onlookers, including a seemingly scared child, watching the incident.

As the video rolls, a passerby lunges towards the man driving a white motorbike and pushes him off the seat with the bike crashing to the ground.

The fallen man is then seen jumping onto one of the other mopeds and riding pillion as they disappear from the scene.

Boorman, a TV presenter, who travelled the world on his motorbike with Ewan McGregor, says officers are "overwhelmed".

The 51-year-old wrote on Twitter: "Campden Hill Road yesterday! Come on @TfL and metropolitan police bloody well do something. Shouldn't be up to the public to do your job."

He then adds: "Let's get more police walking the streets. Stronger powers to prosecute these people."

It is not known if the passer-by was the owner of the bike and the Metropolitan Police (Met) say they have no record of the incident.

Crime perpetrated by offenders riding mopeds has caught the headlines as recently as Monday when thousands of pounds worth of Apple products were stolen from the Apple store in Regent Street.

Only last week a London fast-food delivery driver was left fighting for his life after thugs threw acid in his face during a robbery.

Last month three members of a moped gang that carried out more than 100 crimes against victims, including former chancellor George Osborne , were jailed for more than 18 years.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd pledged that officers will get stronger legal protection to chase moped criminals without fear of prosecution.

Boorman told the Mirror: "More and more of these kind of videos are being shared on social media.

"Bike theft is so prolific. Thieves will go around and cut the chains of the bikes that they want or even stop at traffic lights and push a rider off. They are doing this in broad daylight."

He continued: "The police are overwhelmed. Members of the public are putting themselves in danger."