Autumn Statement 2016: air travel
Passengers have been removed from a flight from Dubai to London Heathrow for additional security checks iStock

Passengers have been removed from a London Heathrow-bound flight from Dubai following a bomb threat.

A spokesperson confirmed to IBTimes UK that customers were deboarded for further security checks.

"Our customers travelling on the VS401 from Dubai to London Heathrow have temporarily disembarked the aircraft for additional security checks," the spokesperson said.

"This is purely as a precautionary measure as the safety of our customers and crew is our number one priority and we're planning to have everyone on their way as quickly as possible."

One passenger who was on board the aircraft told the Daily Mail: "We were just moving and then the captain called his flight crew immediately and they all ran up the front. Ten minutes later we were told to get off."

They said: "The captain just came out and said Virgin take the safety of passengers very seriously – following the events in Manchester, Virgin had received a bomb threat so as precaution they have asked everyone to leave the plane."

The flight was scheduled to arrive in London at 5pm BST today (23 May).

A suicide attack at Manchester Arena on Monday (22 May) during the closing stages of an Ariana Grande concert left 22 people dead, including children.

Relatives are still trying to locate missing loved ones and emergency numbers have been set up. Those concerned can contact 0161 856 9400 or 0161 856 9900.