A Russian politician is demanding Putin drop a nuclear bomb off the Scottish coast in a show of Russian might. Vladimir Zhirinovsky wants Putin to demonstrate how powerful Russia's militia is by obliterating one of the islands off the Scottish coast, around 200 miles north-west of Great Britain.

"In the North Sea there is a small island, a small country of 200,000 people," Zhirinovsky said, according to a Ukrainian website.

"Brussels should say: Look, here is an island. Now there is no island. The country is no longer.

"We should show what our nuclear forces are capable of."

The far-right Liberal Democratic Party leader called for the nuclear attack during a live broadcast on Russian TV channel Rossia 1. Exactly which North Sea island Zhirinovsky was referring to is unclear. The Faroe Islands, Orkney and the Shetland Islands are all situated in the North Sea, but none of them are as heavily populated as 200,000.

According to the Faroe Islands Tourist Guide, the population is 48,308. It was uninhabited for millions of years in the North Atlantic until the first settlers who were Irish monks came in the 7th century AD.

The 70-year-old leader of the ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party is known for his extreme views. According to World Affairs, he threatened Eastern Europe with war. "Poland—the Baltics—they are on the whole doomed. They'll be wiped out. There will be nothing left. Let them re-think this, these leaders of these little dwarf states.

"Because we cannot allow missiles and planes to be aimed at Russia from their territories. We have to destroy them half an hour before they launch. And then we have to do carpet bombing so that not a single launch pad remains or even one plane."

Zhirinovsky, known for his anti-Western views, was unsympathetic over the Brussels attacks. "Terrorists attacks are happening in Europe and they will spread all over it," he said according to a Newsweek report. "That is beneficial for us. Let them perish and die."