Leeds Crown Court
Patrick Ackroyd admitted bashing his sister during a row over John Lennon's 'Happy Xmas (War is Over') 40 years ago. wikimedia

A Wakefield man has received a two-month prison sentence, suspended for one year, for punching out two of his sister's teeth in a row about John Lennon's record Happy Xmas (War is Over) in a Christmas argument 40 years ago. Patrick Ackroyd, 61, admitted hitting his sister Anita, then 17, in 1975 when he was 21.

57-year-old Anita Ackroyd - now Glew - was persuaded by her mother not to go to police and say instead she lost her teeth in an accident. She lost two front teeth and has worn a metal plate ever since. "'Every day I am reminded of what he did," said Glew. "Every day I have to stick a plate in my mouth with two false front teeth. Even after all these years it is too painful to think about."

Then in June 2011 when police spoke to Glew about an unrelated matter she mentioned the incident. When interviewed by police in February 2012 Patrick Ackroyd admitted the assault. ""I thought people should know what he did and what he's like," said Glew. "He's a bully and in my eyes he got away with it."

Jon Gregg, for the prosecution, said: "The defendant was interviewed in February 2012 and admitted punching his sister in the mouth and causing the injuries." Marcus Waitem defending, said Ackroyd hadn't been convicted of any other offence before or since and regretted his actions. "He acted in a manner he ought not to have done," said Waitern.

When reporters called at the door of Ackroyd's Tingley home he declined to comment. Anita Glew said: "The only time I ever had contact with [Patrick] was at weddings, christenings and funerals, but now I haven't spoken to him for four years. The police advised us not to have any contact with him and we have decided to let him be and let him get on with it. It has been dealt with now and it is time we moved on."