Walkers Crisps has undertaken a bold new social media strategy, which has resulted in their spokesman and England football hero Gary Lineker posing with pictures of serial killers and paedophiles.

The original plan was simple enough: give Twitter users the chance to win tickets for the Champions League final in Cardiff by sending in a selfie of themselves to be used on a graphic featuring the footballer-turned-potato-snack-apologist.

The tweet, which they paid to promote into people's timelines, read: "Want to win tickets to the UEFA Champions League final*? Just reply with your selfie & #WalkersWave".

However, as this is the internet, the campaign was hijacked by users instead sending in some of history's most odious killers and sexual deviants, such as Harold Shipman, Jimmy Savile and Chris Benoit.

Instead of rejecting these pictures, the Walkers Crisp account went ahead and placed them in the video – complete with a photo next to Lineker and an animation of the reprobate performing a Mexican wave.

The nightmare doesn't end there though, as the account is clearly rejecting some photos due to faces not being in the frame, the faces wearing hats or the faces belonging to animals. However, photos of child sex offender and former Middlesbrough midfielder Adam Johnson are getting through A-OK.

At the time of publication, the mistakes have not been deleted and Walkers are still sending out pictures of the worst criminals in UK's history alongside Lineker.

Harold Shipman
The hijack means Gary Lineker posed with serial killer Harold Shipman
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